Internet Service Provider

Our SpecialServices

Our Special Services

Our Team

Our team has been trained by a variety of leading manufacturers to install and configure the products you choose for easy operation and optimal efficiency to protect your business located in Jejuri, Pune.

Maintenance & Support

You can have full trust in us throughout the installation process and maintenance too. Receive 24/7 business phone support and speak to the provider of your line straight away




Web Design



We are pioneers in the industry and one of leading ISPs in India.



Licensed ISP and IP1 Holder

We are DOT Licensed Internet Service Provider and also hold and DOT IP1 License for providing internet infrastructure.

Hindavi Telecom Private Limited is a privately owned total protection company based in Pune (Wadki), Maharashtra which  seeks to embody its mission of protecting life and property into every client and product every day. Long-known in the Mid-South for its family owned leadership and life safety systems, the company’s longest-standing and best-known services – such as Leased Line, Web Hosting, IT System Integration, Dedicated Servers, and Network Service.